International Committee for a Democratic Taiwan


February 9, 2021

Dear Friends of Taiwan’s Democracy Movements,

As the Lunar New Year of the Ox is drawing close this week on February 11, we wish to send you our warmest greetings for a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, AND HEALTHY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!  We would like also to take this unique opportunity to convey to you our deepest appreciation of your unfailing support for Taiwan’s challenging vision of  Democratic Developments and Human Rights!!

We are very pleased to report to you a couple of exceptionally positive developments in Taiwan in the past year. First of all,  when the entire world was engulfed in the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan was particularly lucky to be able to prepare well to combat successfully this horrible global disaster.  We are delighted that Taiwan has been frequently cited as a model of exceptional success and resolute against the Pandemic.

In the realms of economic and technological developments, while the whole world suffered from the disastrous impacts of the Pandemic, Taiwan was able to score a modest positive growth, together with only a handful of other lucky countries.  It is particularly exciting to note that in 2020, Taiwan even emerged as a leading force in the semiconductor and IC industry of the world.

On Taiwan’s international participation and political security, however, the picture was rather discouraging. Throughout the year, China, under the ambitious leadership of Xi Jinping, had heightened its military and political pressure on Taiwan.  Chinese jet fighters and naval warships circled constantly around Taiwan on a daily basis.  Beijing also intensified its political penetrations of Taiwan to destabilize Taiwan’s domestic unity, on the one hand, and isolate Taiwan’s international participation, on the other.  In response to China’s aggressiveness toward Taiwan, although the United States, the European Union, and Japan and India in the Indo-Pacific have all increased their moral and security support for Taiwan,  yet Taiwan’s security and international status remain very precarious.

Nevertheless, we are confident that the people of Taiwan remain committed to their vision of democracy and human dignity.  They will continue to fight unwaveringly as a positive, contributing member of the global community of democracies!!

At this point of challenging times, however, we are sorry that we have a piece of rather distressing news for our supporters and friends of ICDT.Due to some critical staff and volunteer manpower shifts at our Committee Secretariat, with much regret and disappointment, we will have to suspend aspects of our normal operations.  Unfortunately, this will include suspending the ICDT Website and election observation activities.  We will hope, however, our rigorous operations of the past could be reactivated sometime in the future.  Allow us to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for your unfailing support that you have given us generously for the past decade.  You can be sure that Taiwan owes you a deep debt of gratitude!!

In the future, when you have a chance to visit Taiwan, please be sure to let us know, and give us time for a fun reunion and catch up.  We will continue to welcome you back to Taiwan as our best friends!! 

Again, Wish you all the best, and especially A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, AND HEALTHY  LUNAR NEW YEAR OF THE OX!!

As always,

Rong-I WuChairman, ICDT

Michael KauSecretary-General, ICDT

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