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Members of The International Committee for a Democratic Taiwan

Honorary Chairman

  • Kuan-min Koo, Founder, Taiwan Brain Trust; Former Senior Advisor to the President, Taiwan


  • Rong-I Wu, Chairman, Taiwan Brain Trust; Former Vice Premier ,Taiwan


  • Michael Ying-Mao Kau, Forner Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Former Representative to European Union; Professor Emeritus, Brown University, USA

Senior Advisors

  • Peng Ming-Min, Chairman, Peng Ming-min Foundation; Former Senior Adviser to the President
  • Li-Pei Wu, Founder, Formosa Foundation USA; Former Senior Adviser to the President
  • Chi-sheng Chen, Lawyer and Former Senior Adviser to the President
  • Lung-chu Chen, Founder, Taiwan New Century Foundation; Professor, New York Law School
  • George Shih-cheng Huang, Former Chairman, Central Election Commission
  • Kun-huei Huang, Chairman, Taiwan Solidarity Union
  • Kun-hu Hwang, Enterpreneur and President, Taiwan Friends Association
  • Chun-ming Kao, Former General Secretary, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan; Former Senior Adviser to the President
  • Tsai-ting Tien,Chairman, Formosa TV,FTV and Lawyer
  • Chia-wen Yao, Lawyer and Former President, Examination Yuan



  • Natale H. Bellocchi, Former Chairman, American Institute in Taiwan (USA)
  • Woodrow Clark,Contributor to Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (USA)
  • June Teufel Dreyer, Professor of Political Science, University of Miami (USA)
  • Edward Friedman, Professor, Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)
  • Thanh Ha Ngo, Senator, Parliament (Canada)
  • Richard C. Kagan, Professor of History, Hamline University (USA)
  • David Kilgour, Former MP; Former Secretary of State, Asia Pacific (Canada)
  • Robert LaGamma, President, Council for a Community of Democracies (USA)
  • Perry Link, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University (USA)
  • Carlos Ponce, General Coordinator, Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (Venezuela)
  • Andrea Sanhueza, Regional Coordinator, Corporación PARTICIPA (Chile)
  • Ross Terrill, Senior Fellow, Harvard University (USA)
  • John Tkacik, Senior Fellow and Director, Future Asia Project, International Assessment and Strategy Center (USA)
  • Gerrit van der Wees, Editor, Taiwan Communique (USA)
  • Arthur Waldron, Lauder Professor of International Relations, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Stephen Yates, Former Advisor to the Vice President (USA)


  • Vo Van Ai, President, Que Me: Action for Democracy in Vietnam (Vietnam)
  • Parris H. C. Chang, Former Deputy Secretary-General, National Security Council (Taiwan)
  • Fu-mei Chang, Former Minister, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (Taiwan)
  • Soon Juan Chee, Chairman, Alliance for Reform and Democracy in Asia (Singapore)
  • Rong-jye Chen, Former Representative to Russia (Taiwan)
  • Mark Tan-Sun Chen, Legislator and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Taiwan)
  • Joji Higuchi, Executive Director, Japan Forum For Strategic Studies (Japan)
  • Masako Ikegami, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technoligy (Japan)
  • Bruce Jacobs, Professor, Political Science, Monash University (Australia)
  • Zanaa Jurmed, Director, Center for Citizen’s Alliance (Mongolia)
  • Hideaki Kaneda, Adjunct Fellow, Japan Institute of Internaional Affairs (Japan)
  • Michael Ying-mao Kau, Former Representative to European Union; Professor Emeritus, Brown University, USA
  • Sumihiko Kawamura, Representative, Kawamura Institute (Japan)
  • Se-kai Koh, Former Representative to Japan; Professor Emeritus, Tsuda University, Japan (Taiwan)
  • Edger Chun-yi Lin, Former Representative to United Kingdom (Taiwan)
  • Fu-chen Lo, Former Representative to Japan; Professor Emeritus, United Nations University (Taiwan)
  • George Mathew, Director, Institute of Social Sciences (India)
  • Augusto N. Miclat, Jr., Executive Director, Initiatives for International Dialogue (Philippines)
  • Toshimichi Nagaiwa, Policy Proposal Committee, Japan Forum for Strategic Studies (Japan)
  • Hisahiko Okazaki, President , Okazaki Institute (Japan)
  • Jhy-wey Shieh, Former Representative to Germany (Taiwan)
  • Michael Ming-hsien Tsai, Lawyer and Former Minister of National Defense (Taiwan)
  • Joseph Jaushieh Wu, Former Representative to USA; Former Minister of Mainland Affairs (Taiwan)
  • Shuh-min Wu, Ambassador-at-large, President, Taiwan Society (Taiwan)
  • Maysing Yang, Vice President, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy; Former Vice Minister, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (Taiwan)
  • Ching You, Lawyer and Former Representative to Germany (Taiwan)


  • Stéphane Corcuff, Professor of Political Science, University of Lyon (France)
  • Jens Damm, Professor of Political Science, Free University of Berlin (Germany)
  • Michael Danielsen, Chairman, Taiwan Corner (Denmark)
  • Christine de Saint Genois, Vice President, International Network of Liberal Women (France)
  • Yuri Dzhibladze, President, Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights (Russia)
  • Joao Carlos Espada, President,  International Churchill Society ( Portugal)
  • David French, Principal, Convener Associates; Former Chief Executive, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (UK)
  • István Gyarmati, President, International Centre for Democratic Transition (Hungary)
  • Bruno Kaufmann, President, Initiative and Referendum Institute, Europe ; Chairman, Election Commission , Falun (Sweden)
  • Lutgard Lams, Professor of Sinology, Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)
  • Edward McMillan-Scott, Former Vice President, European Parliament (UK)
  • Matteo Mecacci, President, International campaign for Tibit; Former MP, Nonviolent Radical Party (Italy)
  • Ilona Mihaies, President, Euroregional Center for Democracy (Romania)
  • Dorota Mitrus, President, European Institute for Democracy (Poland)
  • Bronislaw Misztal, Former Executive Director, Permanent Secretariat, Community of Democracies (Poland)
  • Niccolò Rinaldi, MEP and Vice President, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (Italy)
  • Charles Tannock, MEP and Chair, European Parliament-Taiwan Friendship Group (UK)
  • Hans van Baalen, MEP and President, Liberal International (Netherlands)
  • Roel von Meijenfeldt, Former Executive Director, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (Netherlands)
  • Graham Watson, MEP and President, European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (UK)

Middle East & Africa

  • Hoda El Khatib Chalak, President, Organization for Civil Activities (Lebanon)
  • Hannah Forster, Executive Director, African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (Gambia)
  • Paul Graham, Chairman, International Steering Committee ,Community of Democracies (South Africa)
  • Sameer Jarrah, Founder, Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights (Jordan)
  • Mohsen Marzouk, Director, Arab Democracy Foundation (Tunisia)
  • Oumar Makalou, President, Center of Studies and Research for Democracy, Economics and Social Development (Mali)
  • Dieudonné Zognong, Executive Director, Humanus International (Cameroon)

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